08 February 2021

The Rules As Written

I was a little inaccurate earlier.

SEALs in Vietnam lists the S&W 39 with 2d+2 pi damage and 160/1,800 range.

High Tech 4e gives partial stats for the Glock 19 by noting the change in weight, shots and damage.  Following the rules that means a Glock 19 is 2d+1 pi damage and 160/1,800 range.

High Tech 4e also lists the Walther P99.  2d+1 pi damage, 140/1,600 range.

All of these pistols have a 4" barrel.

Most of the pistols with 2d+2 pi and 160/1,800 have at least a 4.25" barrel, but I noticed that the Ur-9mm, the literal Parabellum pistol, P.08 has a 3.9" barrel and the 2d+2 pi; 160/1,800 stats.


Off to be fixin' things I be.

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