18 February 2021

Just Sayin'

Back in the early nineties, with the giant hole in the ozone layer...

When gas guzzlers roamed the earth...

When nearly all of America's electricity was made from burning coal.

Texas didn't freeze solid.

Just sayin'.

1 comment:

  1. It didn't freeze in the nineties but it got really cold in the seventies and eighties. But back then we heated with firewood, natural gas and propane. Electricity was in houses, but we didn't have a system overloaded with devices and routers and switches and charging cords and on and on... And the only renewable energy was firewood. Yes, we had cold winters. Had a pretty good snowfall and cold snap in the winter of 82.
    Winter and weather and climate is cyclical. It comes and goes. Monday night we broke a lot temp record that was set in 1930. Tonight we may break the low temp record set in 1974. What happened to Fridays corresponding date in 1930? I don't know, it was obviously a different cycle... Global warming is BS and green energy is unreliable.


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