25 February 2021

It Is Actually The Apocalypse

While I was buying my 7.62 NATO, I noticed that, besides what I bought, there was nothing else in the case but one box each of .350 Legend and .222 Remington.

Check your preps and be ready.

Kiss your loved ones.

Wal Mart has NO .270 Winchester in stock.

These are the end times.


  1. It sure seems like it, the .22-250 is gone too.

  2. I was down at Jacobson's this Friday and saw that ammunition was all but nonexistent there, except in real oddball calibers. I mentioned you to Jacobson and he remembered you. I told him you said "hi."

    1. The Colt New Service I've been making the holster flap for was purchased from Jacobson's via Gunbroker on my C&R! I wrote him a note and was disappointed that I didn't get a letter back.

      Prolly not him doing the boxing and sorting of the Gunbroker sales.

  3. I stopped in at Jacobson's the last time I was 1000 miles north of here. The place looked the same as it did 20 years ago (for those who really go back, it was once on the other side of the street), Paul looked older. But then again, so do I.


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