02 February 2021

No Apex Trigger For You!

The Apex Tactical action enhancement trigger for Sigma / SDVE worked fine on FuzzyGeff's OG SW40F Sigma.

Dropped right in, works great.

To get this same trigger to work in The Lovely Harvey's SW357V and my SW9V required a lot of filing to the back to get the trigger to move far enough to trip the sear.  Such filing is mentioned in the instructions, but it seemed excessive on those two guns.

I've gone back to the stock triggers now.

On top of it all there wasn't an improvement in pull with the SW9V!

Harvey's gun was more improved by the spring kit than the trigger anyway, that kit is still installed on her gun.

I have one of those kits for the SW9V, but the change to an SD9VE slide means different springs and a different kit.

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