09 February 2021

No Wayne

Mr La Pierre, besides the fact that I think you're long overdue to retire, you've got some impressively large cojones to be asking for money while the corporation you're captaining is filing for bankruptcy.

You're on your own until the NRA exits these proceeding.

Hopefully without you and the cat lady.


  1. I have been a member for decades. After the Parkland incident, where the NRA was made the national boogeyman, I upgraded my membership to Life Member on a payment plan. When the empire of Wayne I began to crumble due to the exposure of financial shenanigans, I shut off my money pipeline of $25 per month. I have heard nothing from them about it and when whatever I have paid for is up, I will join a real gun rights organization that won't simply "Negotiate our Rights Away."

    1. Just bear in mind that some are simply means to enrich the founder's son. GOA is a do-nothing org, for example.

    2. When you find that organization that is "real", please let us know. GOA isn't even the worst, NAGR is much more annoying and spammy.


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