01 February 2021

Not TOO Disapponted

I'd planned on taking a picture with several generations of 9mm S&W auto.

59 on one end, M&P on the other with a 915 and the Sigma in the middle.

With the massive upgrade to the slide that S&W gave me, I've lost the aesthetic.

But, what the Hell, here's the pic anyway!

Because the 39/59 family is described as 'generations' I've decided to call the others families too.

There's some similar trends there as well.

The Sigma has 3 or 4 iterations if you include the SD's.

M&P has at least two since there's M&P and M&P 2.0.  I'd say there's two generations in the 1.0 due to the frames changing to no longer accommodate the lock.

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