01 February 2021

It's Obvious To Me

So it must be obvious to them too.

But letting it be doesn't swing any attention their way, so they lie.

Dear Southern Poverty Law Center;

If there really was a right-wing nationalist terror organization big enough to cause a problem; we wouldn't need you to tell us about it.

And you know it.

What you're really trying to do is smear a goodly sized hunk of the population, many of them minorities, and imply that they're the right-wing nationalist terror organization you're "warning" everyone about.

And we know it.

Again, if it really was us: the nation wouldn't need SPLC to tell them about it.


  1. Never in it's existence has the SPLC ever worried about those pesky things called... 'facts.'

    The SPLC is a Clintonesque fund-raising system that generates tremendous wealth for it's directors and creator.

    In a just and fair world, the SPLC would have been shut down by the FBI, IRS, USPS (mail fraud, dontchaknow?) and for all I know the EPA and BATFE.

  2. I couldn't agree more. They are a hate group of the kind they claim to be against. Even their name shows the disdain for anyone who happens to live south of the Mason-Dixon or isn't a rich liberal elitist.


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