07 February 2021

Living In Iowa Sucked

One thing I have always hated about growing up in Iowa was the utter dearth of decent used vehicles.

Iowa uses salt on the roads in the winter and mechanically sound cars simply fall apart from corrosion long before their time.

I'm watching Jay Leno and his '53 Hudson Hornet and his mention of owning one as a teenager.

Fifties cars were all rotted away or restored hot-rods in my area.

In some states, they had fade paint, and ran poorly, but were still around to be bought for something resembling affordable for decades past when they disappeared from the midwest.

There's still vast supplies of old ass cars in the SW with more patina than rust.

1 comment:

  1. Western PA has the same problem. I knew someone who had the gas tank fall off his car when he filled it with gas, every thing holding it on had rusted away. Many people had a winter beater car and the good car they only drove in fair weather.



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