22 February 2021

Cow Skin

Lord willin' and the crick don' rise; there should be enough stuff here today to brave ripping the old 1881 holster apart and making a new flap that actually retains the .45 Colt New Service.

I'm excited and nervous about it.

I'm going to cut a few patterns from manilla envelopes and test fit a few times.


  1. Don't forget to allow for the thickness of the leather.

    I don't want to admit to how many times I've cut a pattern from something thin and flexible, and then made something that doesn't fit.

  2. Years ago I took a class in making leather goods. I've made sheaths and a number of other small projects.

    But the line I remember best from that class was the following...

    These tools are all designed to cut or pierce leather. Some of the leather you are working with is very thick and strong, other thin and delicate....

    You are covered with thin delicate leather, be careful.

    1. I'm working with 1/8" thick stuff for this. I'm not using anything special to cut it, so I will prolly lose a finger.


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