21 September 2017

McThag's Legal Drama Day 204

Tried to buy a gun from an FFL today.

Steal of a deal on a Marlin 336AS.

Did my 4473, sent in my information to FDLE for approval and got a "conditional non-approval" response.

My arrest is the gift that keeps on giving!

Somewhere there's a file that hasn't been updated to indicate that the charges were dropped.

The good news is that unless they can come up with a hard reason for non-approval, I am OK to get the gun after three full business days have elapsed.

Because the charges were dropped, I was never asked to surrender my CCW, surrender my C&R FFL or any of my guns... this is just an irritating delay.

Also good news is the FDLE usually takes the opportunity to update their records to indicate my exoneration so this won't happen next time.


  1. I feel thy pain.
    I have several namesakes with questionable backgrounds, including one serving Life for Murder. From time to time, they get to play hell with my BG checks.
    May FDLE gets his manure together!

  2. We skip NICS altogether with our concealed carry permits. I'll probably fail next time I need one just because.


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