06 July 2010

Observation On Racism

I'm watching BAT*21 on Encore.

Danny Glover does an excellent job, no complaints about his role.

To make a concise story about a real event you almost have to composite characters. There was not a single observation plane with just one pilot doing all the flying. There were many planes and crews associated with the rescue.

That is not what this observation is about.

Danny Glover's character represents a composite character of all those crews. He is also black. I notice that this doesn't bother me. I realized that if the story as shown had been 100% accurate and Capt. Clark had been black, but was played by a white actor the race baiters would have a conniption.

Because there were so many crews, it's unlikely they were all black. The composition of the forces in that time frame makes it unlikely that many were. But they hired Danny Glover to play the character representing them.

No problem for me! I think I know where the racism is here.

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