01 July 2010

A Pleasant Thought Occurs

Heller referred to "weapons in common usage" several times when finding that the 2nd amendment really does protect and individual right.

Depending on how one defines common, that could mean anything the police are carrying. Perhaps especially so, since the police often state they carry firearms for self defense.

This line of reasoning could be an inroad to at least open up the registry to new MG applications. We should aim for repeal of the GCA 1934 while "compromising" and taking repeal of the Hughes amendment to the FOPA.

While we're there we should insist that since Title II firearms are "in common usage" that state bans on them should be nullified.

A possible outcome of my line of reasoning is that the police, being civilians, would have to abide by the same laws we do. I can accept that; for now. I don't think the cops will give up the MG's, so would go along with NFR registrations to keep from being included in the ban with the rest of us.

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