02 March 2019

Must Be Doing Something Right

A year ago my blood pressure was running in the area of 138/86 with a rest heart rate in the 90's.

Lately I've been reading in the area of 107/73 with a rest heart rate around 66.

The huge change in that year?

One cup of coffee in the morning instead of three.

A maximum of one soda a day, and a non-caffeinated soda at that.  Crush instead of Mountain Dew.

I also cut out non-sugar sweeteners.

This, surprisingly, has led to me getting fuller on less food; so I eat less each meal and I don't feel ravenous all day.  It's also meant that if I have eaten, I don't WANT to eat again for hours which puts a damper on impromptu "let's grab lunch!" calls.

I've never had much of a sweet-tooth, so the amount of sugar in my life has dropped dramatically.

I wonder if I will lose weight next?

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