22 March 2019

The Market Might Be Ripe

If half the ingenuity and effort that's gone into making carry options for women was applied to making comfortable carry options for fat old fucks (like me)...

Not that I resent that women are getting options, it's just that it seems like it'd be easier to figure out totin' for tubbies.

1 comment:

  1. Easiest carry option for fat old tubbies is open carry, but our feckless politicos have killed that. I personally would love for a beautiful hand-tooled leather holster rig, and said holster rig carried outside my fat roll or over my clothes would mean said holster rig wouldn't mildew and rot in 3 days like every other leather item that gets too close to my skin.

    But... well... feckless politicos and idjit imports from Yankee-land. Grrrr...


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