19 March 2019

Taste Of Hate

Chick-Fil-A continues to impress me.

The food is tasty.

The service is amazingly fast for how busy they are.

That service has always been friendly and smiling; like they are genuinely happy.

Their app is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Tonight I used the app to order my meal from my table.  Select the location, punch in what you want, pay online, tell the app what number is on your table and they bring it right to you.

You can also use this for the drive-thru and carry-out.

Living in the future is kinda neat.


  1. Recently I discovered that Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King were nothing but fond memories. Whatever I liked about those places are vague remembrances that probably add up to "I was young and stupid". But when we were in Florida last, I had some Hate Chicken, and I was gobsmacked that the food actually tasted good, but wasn't like Five Guys or Fuddruckers, where you pay a bit more for edible food.

  2. I ate there a few times while I was house sitting for Melissa Gerber last year. The food, IMO, was pretty good for a fast-food place. I will admit that the sight of the "boycott" against them backfiring as spectacularly as it did tickled my sense of humor.

    1. If the boycott here gets any worse, they're going to have to triple the number of locations.


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