07 June 2023

New Analysis

Did you know that Russia intercepted every single Patriot fired the other day with their hypersonic missiles?

I'm impressed.


  1. Ha! Good one, I needed a laugh today. Did you note that as of a couple of hours ago, 25% of the entire U.S. population (85 million) has watched the 10 minute Tucker Carlson Twitter monologue? Rarely watched him when he was on cable, but this sure should be a wake up call for the major networks and cable companies.

  2. Achievement Unlocked: Comedy Relief Maximal.

  3. In Soviet Russia Glorious Missiles intercept you! -swj

  4. What pray tell is this post about? Odd at best, perhaps a little background or a link please?

    1. Hypersonic weapons attacking Kyiv were entirely intercepted by defensive use of Patriots.

      Flip it upside down like the Russians can call that a win and the joke is explained.

    2. Angus' version of "I broke his hand with my face." True, but...


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