02 June 2023

Why Is It Wet In Here

The other day, Harvey noticed there was some wetness under one of the floor mats in the rear of The Beast.

I had no idea where it could have come from, and promptly forgot it.

Today, while goofing with The Boy, I turned around and saw water dripping from the rear dome light.

Turns out, one of the rubber plugs in the holes from police service decided to start leaking.

I'd planned for this!

I'd gotten an XM "shark-fin" in the hopes that my Aussie radio was Sirius/XM capable.  It wasn't, so the antenna sat on a shelf.

Thanks to the hole being lined up with the dome light, I could remove the light from the headliner and get direct access from below.

Now there's an antenna in that hole and no more leak.  It's non-functional, but it will suffice.

I'll probably have to get the other plug hole filled with the GPS canoe antenna I've got laying around soon or suffer more leakage.

On a humorous note: I forgot the child locks were engaged and managed to lock myself in the back until Harvey sent The Boy to come rescue me.  Yes, he mocked me!


  1. I'm laughing with you, not at you ... panzer guy

  2. Archibald Barasol02 June, 2023 09:21

    He mocked you? Sounds like a good kid. What a treasure they are.


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