07 June 2023

Speaking Of Race

That graduation shooter sure dropped off the front page fast.

19 year old suspect whose name isn't mentioned by Yahoo! or FoxNews?

They don't even mention the name of the school that was graduating.


Perhaps because a certain demographic is over-represented?

I, for one, am sick of this tendency to cover for the "doesn't fit the narrative" shooters by the media.


  1. As soon as I saw it described in the code of "Youths" it was just a given... But an escapee from Chicago I usually reference an amusing (but VERY accurate) unofficial stat site at heyjackass.com to describe the war zone that Chicago has become...

  2. From the article, a hint to another thing that doesn't fit the liberal media's narrative... they talk about the possibility of retaliation... Which indicates that gangs are probably involved. The left does not like to admit that gangs which usually involve drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, etc., are quite often related to this kind of violence. You can see this by how they try to de-emphasize gang involvment with a very large percentage of homicides in places like Chicago and LA and cartel and MS-13 involvement in border areas. Instead they always want to claim that "white nationalism" or some other such BS is the culprit. -swj

  3. we should know by now if a dead white guy ain't at the scene with the gun in his hand killed by the police, the shooter is either black or as in the allen tx shooting, a mexican neo nazi...panzer guy

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