10 July 2018

Speaking Of That Gender Thing

The vast majority of people's gender matches their sex which is apparent from birth.

I don't think that gets pointed out as often as it should.

A bit too often LBGT issues are expressed in ways that make it seem like everyone struggles with it like they do when most people don't.

The size of the group where the sex and gender don't align is not large at all.

Both sides of the issue think it's a much bigger deal than it really is.  Remember what I say about compassion?

It's not 1950 any more.

It's not even 1980 any more.

It's past time we started acting like it, because 1980 isn't coming back, let alone 1950.

I know too many well adjusted, happy, homosexuals to say that they're suffering from their condition.  But they do worry about the maladjusted, unhappy, heterosexuals... and they're outnumbered and surrounded and they know it.

We straights can make it easier for them.

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