11 July 2018

I Cannot Speak For Anyone Else

Sarah Hoyt Asks!

Because if I didn't vent the pressure here; people would die.

No shit.  Murders.

But since I have this release, I can continue being a law abiding member of society who's just a bit grumpy rather than being someone who's depicted on the news as... well there will be lies.

I'd have this release even if it wasn't a blog, per se.  It was Weer'd who challenged me to bring it to Blogger.  I was venting pressure quite nicely at LiveJournal where it was just he, RavenclawEric and FuzzyGeff reading it.

If Google kills Blogger, I will vent on another platform.

1 comment:

  1. As you have complained, I don't blog much anymore. But for me Blogs and Podcasts are art for me. I do a thing that I enjoy doing, I feel accomplished when I finish the thing, and then the REAL juice, people come forward and say they really liked the thing I made.



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