14 July 2018

Thag Lurn Two Day!

One of the fuses on the water heater pops every once and a while.

JT suggested that sediment had accumulated and that I needed to flush it.

He agreed to show me how.  Which I needed because I had the wrong end of the hose...

Hose hooked up, I opened the valve and started the flow.

I opened it some more, and the flow increased.

So I turned it some more.

And unscrewed the valve all the way out of the drain!

A 1" diameter column of sediment and water fired across the entire garage!

I was COVERED in flakes of sediment when it splashed off the valve I was no longer holding.

Luckily Harvey was standing on the other side of the column and outside the garage near the shut off valve.

"Welp," says I, "that's one way to do it."

I should do it more often too.  Without screwing the valve all the way out.

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