22 July 2018

Dear Busybody

As someone who's gotten the handicap placard and been confronted with someone without one parked in the handicapped spot...

There's a web page for reporting them.

The state mails them a ticket, which they can then get dismissed if they have a permit.

Getting into a pissing match with the driver isn't the way to go.

Dear Protestors.

I want "juctice" and arrests too!  But he dead.  Mr Testosterone is dead for assaulting an armed person.  On camera.  But he's already dead, so no point in arresting him for the attack.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is no friend of the second amendment or stand your ground.  If he's not bringing charges over this, it's bloody obvious to his staff and the prosecutors the shooting was justified.  Even if it's not "stand your ground" it's a clear case of normal self defense.

Dear Vultures Wanting To Sue.

A feature of Florida self defense law is that anyone who acted in self defense is held harmless in civil action related to the death.  More than a couple plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs have discovered themselves responsible for more legal bill than they thought they'd have for attempting to bring such a case to court.

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