10 July 2018


...in the summer sun!

I will repeat it so that everyone can hear.

Roe v Wade is correctly wrong.

The Supreme Court pulled an emanation from a penumbra and created a right to privacy that somehow makes abortion legal.

The emanating penumbra is the wrong part.

I am going to say that, yes, abortions should be legal under the US Constitution.

Why?  Don't I find the practice abhorrent?

I find I'm remarkably neutral on the topic and find abortions far better than its predecessor, abandonment and exposure.  Do the pro-life people think that before abortions every mother just gritted her teeth and raised an unwanted child?

But back to The Constitution.

Show me where the power to regulate such things is granted.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments clearly state that if it's not specifically granted, then the feds can't do anything.  There's lots of law that violates the 9th and 10th, so the pro-life side can, somewhat, be forgiven in thinking that abortions can be banned.

It's really a state matter, not a Federal one.

PS: I also find I have much the same attitude towards many pro-life people as I do towards open-border people.  When YOU have taken the results of your position into YOUR home to care for, then maybe you've got some moral footing.

While I am sure that there are pro-life people who've adopted unwanted children, I've yet to meet one.  Yet I know three pro-choice couples who've adopted...  Figure that one out.


  1. I know of several pro life couples who have adopted children; some could not have children, some had children of their own before they adopted.
    Many conservatives also believe that anything not mentioned in the Constitution is the province of the states - abortion, gay rights, welfare, etc.

    1. I am glad that they exist, and are living their moral position! As I said, "...I am sure there are..."


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