04 August 2006


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This one sparked a comment thread worth retaining...

4th-Aug-2006 12:42 pm (local)
As far as I am concerned, the only interest the US has, or should have, in the Middle East is oil---other than oil, which we can buy from anybody at all who's in power, there's nothing there worth the life of one US soldier.

And the Israelis remind me very clearly of some of the people who made my life hellish when I was growing up. If I dared retaliate, I got screamed at because those kids had bad pasts and "couldn't help themselves." IOW, _they_ could jump me mob-handed, but if I fought back, _I_ was the bad guy for defending myself.

I should also say that the "We were persecuted by the Nazis, the world OWES US" routine is getting mighty old. I'd like to know why we hear and hear and hear about the Holocaust, and mourn its victims obsessively, while the victims of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot hardly get a mention.

5th-Aug-2006 05:26 pm (local)
I figure you don't read the papers. Isreal is being called the bad guy here. And all they are doing is stopping Hezzbolallah from firing rockets at them.

The Arabs first lost in 1947 and have been losing ever since.

The Arabs remind ME of the Gun Control people. They have a goal and no concession will make them give it up. There is to be no peace between the two groups until on or the other is completely gone.

The only place I hear "poor little Holocaust victims" is from you. What I hear from my Jewish friends is, "There is no reason for this violence, but we can't just ignore them, it doesn't work."

What's your solution? Tell the Isrealis to leave?

And by the way, we tried to just buy oil from whoever had it. It didn't work out, so we started meddling in their politics, that didn't work out, now we are shooting them, dunno if that works yet.

5th-Aug-2006 05:32 pm (local)
That's me, forgot to log in.

Why don't we talk about the millions killed by Communists? Because our media is run by Communism's cousin, Socialism. Musn't bad mouth family, don't you know.

But to save time. You don't like Isreal, I got it.

I don't think that there is any living next to Islam unless you are a Muslem yourself and Isreal is just a focused example of the problem.

Isreal is not a perfect place, granted, but they did win by force of arms and have held it for 39 years. Isn't it time to let them run the place however they want?

5th-Aug-2006 05:55 pm (local)
Personally, I'd be a lot less cranky on this subject if the pro-Israeli side was willing to debate it _without_ starting out with _ad hominem_ attacks and appeals to irrelevancy. (I'm not saying that you do this, but that has been my experience.) BTW---if "they did win by force of arms" is an OK argument, does that make my kinsfolk who were in the Resistance evil terrorists? Norway had fought and lost, after all...

The Israelis started the fight. Read up on how grateful they were to the British---they were assassinating British politicians and soldiers _during WWII_...a war where the British were bleeding themselves white and running their Empire onto the rocks to stop Adolf Hitler. And their behavior to their new neighbors...if you want to know what they were like, think about having Westboro Baptist Church's compound across the street, and Doug Holverson on one side of your property, with Marc Ridenour on the other...and all of them (WBC, Doug and Marc) strutting around with Uzis and a "sass me and see what happens" attitude. If Hispanic immigrants were as unpleasant as they were, the question wouldn't be whether to expel them, but how fast.

I can understand that right now, I'm in a minority. That said, given the Israelis' track record of pushing their luck, I'm fairly confident that sooner or later, they're going to do something that even the American mainstream media won't be able to spin to make them look like Good Guys.

Oh, and one last thing---if anybody was as heavily-indebted to me, and as fiancially dependent on me, as Israel is on the US, they'd suddenly become very religious. Mostly in the form of thanking God that, whatever my other failings, I am a normal guy. _Otherwise,_ it'd be "Lewinsky time" every time I felt the sap rising. And I would sure as hell not put up with anything like the sass that Israel routinely gives the US.

6th-Aug-2006 01:56 am (local)
Yes, your relatives are evil terrorists! =)

They really didn't do anything to the Brits that we didn't. To condemn them for that condemns our revolution.

Given a choice between Isreal and Hamas/Hezzbola/PLO/Iran/Syria I choose Isreal. And they would be pushing their luck considerably less if they would stop giving territory back to people who have sworn to kill them.

Honest to my gods, if you swear you will eliminate me in any serious way, anything I do after that is self defence until you're dead. Sucks to be a Palistinian in that scenario, and it sucks to stand next to one too.

I am willing to bet the human shield tactic stops being used when it stops working to pull the international guilt strings. When Isreal says things to the effect of "Don't want civilian casualties, get them to stop hiding behind them. We are not going to hold fire anymore." This will work in the US' favor too. Once we place the blame on the Islamists for hiding behind the innocent and not on the people trying to kill the Islamists, we will do much better.

Remember, I am a memeber of the Curtis LeMay School of Precision Bombing where war is a place where people get killed, and when you kill enough, they stop fighting. As long as it isn't OUR people I don't really give a fuck about them. Darwin has a special hell set aside for people too stupid to get out from between two groups intent on deadly harm.

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