28 August 2016

Open Letter To Wal Mart

Dear Wal Mart; Department of There's No Reason It's Just Our Policy,

Making sure there was a trigger lock on the gun before you'd let me handle it was overcautious.

Having the manager stand there to remove that lock before they packed the gun into its box, then taping the box shut is touching on paranoia.

The escort out to the car and insisting on placing the boxed gun into the trunk...

I have a pistol in my pocket.  You know I have a carry permit because you needed to let me walk out the same day.

I have one for you: If I was going to go on a killing spree at Wal Mart, don't you think I would have done it with the gun I already have on me BEFORE I told you who I was?

-- Marv


  1. At least Cabala's used to only escort you to the front door (same with Dick's). Now Cabela's tapes up the box with special tape (they will put it in a bag and tape the bag so your box/case isn't trashed) and let's you walk yourself out. I haven't bought a gun at Wal-Mart so I haven't been subjected to their indignities. Wonder what they are at a CT store? BTW, they had Savage Model 64's on sale for $129 and Model 93's for $165. If they had been $99 I might have found out the CT Wal-Mart sales process for myself. You can't have too many .22lr rifles.

  2. I, for one, am waiting to hear what you bought.

    1. I am relaying my buddy Marv's experience buying a Savage 93F in .22WMR. Pics and a review are surely to follow.

      I have not yet ruled out making an identical purchase. I've kinda sorta wanted one for a while and the price seems right.

      What I am trying to find is why the WalMart gun is model 91803 and an otherwise identical gun is model 91800. With Wal Mart's reputation for making vendors sharpen their pencils, I wonder what Savage changed to accommodate them.

    2. Cool. Read that post just before coming back here. I have some .22WMR around the house due to my wife's North American revolver (deep concealment BUG). Not that it would last any length of time in that Savage.

      Long as I'm here, I have a Savage 64F in .22LR which seems to regularly go on sale for $125-ish. I thought that was what you were referring to at first.

  3. Yeah, Wal-Mart does all that over here in Texas as well... so does one of the big sporting goods chains around here (Academy). It does verge on paranoia, especially given the fact that a lot of people here use a LTC (formerly CHL) to bypass the NICS check, so they've got a pretty good idea that those people are more than likely packing.

    It is probably something imposed by some idjit in their legal dept that is a libtard that doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground about firearms in general.

    29 August, 2016 11:57

  4. I'm just guessing, but this level of stupid usually has an insurance company at the bottom of it.


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