31 August 2016


I finally have a wooden stocked, scoped bolt action in a non-military caliber.

It might just be something of a collector's item since it's from the last year of the old logo.  Savage dumped poor Chief Lame Deer's likeness for a some modern art masterpiece (denying that political correctness had anything to do with the decision).

I've been buying C&R and used and building guns from parts, I forgot that new guns came in boxes!

This is not how it arrived at the FFL.  It was wrapped in the plastic and the magazine was with the bolt in the "Bolt and Kit Enclosed" section.

It's your basic cock-on-open sporting rifle.

Claw extractor and plunger ejector with your basic two locking lugs on the floaty Savage bolt head.

It's got an Accutrigger®.  That extension on the front of the trigger guard is the bolt release.  Savage takes a breeches and belt approach to bolt removal.  Pull and hold the trigger, open the bolt, pull bolt to the rear and pull the bolt release (while still holding the trigger).  You're never going to accidentally remove the bolt.

I will have to take Marv's trigger scale to it, but it seems lighter and smoother than even FuzzyGeff's Weatherby Vanguard!  It's making me consider changing over to one on my 93F.

Update:  It measured 2 lb. 8 oz. out of the box, the Weatherby measured 4 lb. 6 oz.

A three position safety with a position that locks the bolt.

The detachable magazine is of the newer centerfeed design with a Stevens/Savage Axis style latch.  Presumably this is to keep the price point on the package rifles down.

This magazine is much maligned, but I don't think it's going to be an issue.

Although it is not marked "Prostaff" anywhere, the Nikon scope matches it in every particular I've been able to find.

I would like to thank the Veteran's Administration for making my disability payments on time and Willard for the generous bribes that made this purchase possible.

To the range!

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  1. Looks nice! Hope it shoots as good as it looks!


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