26 August 2016

The Agony Is Over

Long Live The Agony!

I just stabbed the "buy it now" button on a Savage 110XP in .270 Winchester.

Wood stock, accutrigger®, Nikon Prostaff glass, cheap plastic Axis style magazine.

Willard talking about how .30-06 is God's Own Caliber got me to notice that the gun for sale had a serial number ending in 666.  .270 is now Satan's Own Caliber!

I now own a Fudd rifle.  I now have a complete set of guns that everyone should own...

It's a rather nebulous and silly list.  It changes moment to moment.

But basically you should have:

Something "modern," black, and military, like an AR, AK or FAL.

Something in a pump action shotgun, 20ga or bigger.

Something in a service pistol 9mm or bigger.

Something in a CCW handgun, .380 or bigger.

Something in a Fudd rifle, no intermediate rounds!  Preferably bolt-action.

Something in an obsolete military pattern rifle.  Preferably with expensive or hard to find ammo!

Something that shoots .22LR.

Something in a wheelgun.  Preferably large bore, preferably impractical.  6" .45 Colt Anaconda is where you're aiming not a J-Frame for your pocket!


  1. Sweet, all except a modern military and a large bore wheelgun (which I note is not on the list). Finally got the M1 Garand to round out the U.S. WWI - II collection (no BAR or Thompson as I don't want to deal with the full auto regulatory BS). Maybe a nice FAL to be added if I can find one unless the SKS counts for that category.

  2. Ahh! We think alike, that is exactly what I would want, if I could afford it of find I have a lost uncle willing to part with one.


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