28 August 2016

Friends In Low Places

The place where I heard the rumor of $99 Savage 93F's says that they "talked to the guy behind the counter" and they looked up the rifle and got the price and location of stores with it in stock.

I happen to know someone who works at Wally World...  He's a guy.  He's been spotted behind the counter there a time or two.

So I asked.

While he didn't know the procedure to find this information, a handy co-worker there did!

All we needed was a pic of Marv's UPC from his recent purchase mentioned in the open letter below.

She looked up three locations that claim to have it in stock and the price in the national system is, indeed, $99.

That's well below the "what the heck?" gun purchase price point.  Even with the lack of .22 WMR ammo.


  1. Around here sometimes .22WMR has been easier to find (albeit more expensive) than .22LR.

  2. This morning (Monday) there was one on display at the local W.M. for $99 on close out. Think that they had another in stock.
    If it had been 22 L.R. I would have bought it.

  3. I may have to check with the store out between Round Rock and Hutto to see if they've got one. a 93F in .22 WMR would be a nice thing to have. I already have a Mark I in .22LR, and it is a nice little tack driver.


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