28 August 2016

Can't Kick Me Out

"If you cannot say what you mean; you cannot mean what you say."

"If the reader cannot understand what you've written, it's your writing that's to blame not their reading."

I am not a good writer, nor am I paid to write.  I would write here if I had zero readers (and I did too!).

I don't ask you to keep reading if you don't like what you're reading.

I occasionally worry about saying something that will make me unpopular with the cool kids.

Then I realize; I'm already unpopular with the cool kids.

I can't be kicked out of a club I was never allowed to join.

I don't go to the exclusive summer camps.

I am not deferred to because I can name drop the elbows I've rubbed.

I am not a member of the instructorate (instructorati?), the ring-knockers of gun owners.

What I do recognize is a dismissive tone backed by popularity and an accustomed expectation of deferment.

I also recognize my mistake in giving that deferment in the hopes of being liked.  That was stupid in high school and nothing has happened in the intervening time since that changed it.

So, oh noes!  The football team and the cheerleaders won't invite me to their parties!

It's not actually me that has the problem.

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  1. Wow, to be a fly on the wall to what set that one off... But I couldn't agree more about most of it.


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