09 August 2016

It's Only Fair

If Christian bakers have to make wedding cakes for homosexuals, then Muslim flight attendants have to serve alcohol to passengers.

Otherwise it's not equal treatment.

Related, hey Ms Special Snowflake, the job has serving drinks among the list of your duties.  You're in the wrong for refusing to do your job and you got fired for it.  That your religion forbade you to serve drinks was something you knew before you applied for the position, so you accepted the position under false pretenses.


  1. Even Emirates Airlines serves alcohol on at least their international flights.

    One article I read said that she had been an employee of the airline for 3 years but had recently converted to Islam.

    1. If your religion, even if new found, forbids you to do your job then you SHOULD be fired for not doing it.

      People really have to have it rammed into their thick idiotic skulls that a job is a side effect of a business. Businesses are not a side effect of jobs. If you're hired to perform a task and won't do it, regardless of the reason, then you are no good to the business and should be let go. The business is entitled to the work it's paying for, the worker is only entitled to their pay and position as long as they are doing the work.

      It's no different from any other dereliction.

      Otherwise I can claim my devotion to Aergia is why I can't show up for work before noon, work past three or do it more than two days in a row.

    2. Oh, I agree completely. A lot of Mormons for example will not serve alcohol to others. This sometimes is inconvenient for them because for example, an awful lot of Mormons live in Las Vegas where most eating establishments sell alcohol. Rather than sue though, most Mormons just take jobs in other areas where their religion does not interfere with the duties they are expected to perform. The other thing is that for example, the Mormon church (LDS) will offer dispensation to their members to allow them to work in areas like accounting at casinos that would normally be prohibited or at least in a grey area. If Islam is going to get along in the 21st Century and beyond it may have to be willing to adapt to the fact that it isn't 632AD anymore.

  2. I agree with you about this, even though I'm generally less hysterical about Islam than a lot of folks online claim to be. If your job says you serve alcohol, you do it or you quit. However, this does not apply to independent businesses. The bakery has every goddamn right to not make cakes for gay weddings if they don't want to, and gays' butthurt about the situation is of no concern.


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