14 August 2016

Sweet And Sour

That Savage Trophy Hunter package deal is not perfect.

The package series has the Axis style magazine, which is all plastic and several people have noted that the $45 $40 magazines breaking off their locking tab and some reports of the plastic rear peg wearing out prematurely.

On the plus side, the Trophy Hunter has a $75 rebate if you buy soon.

I've been doing some reading on it and it appears that you can retrofit the all-metal magazine system from a normal 11/110 to the XP.  Research continues.

To change the magazine system from a plastic latch on the magazine to a metal latch on the "frame" you need:

Frame Assembly Long, Matte NBR (DBM) p/n 106706; $78

Trigger Guard Assembly, Matte RI p/n 107217; $26

Magazine Box - 110FC/ 111FC (25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06, 7x57mm Mauser) Bottom Release Latch, Matte Blued p/n 55117; $52

Or plus $156 and shipping.

Bringing the tinkered cost of the rifle to $749.39 plus shipping on the parts.

OR for even more you can convert to AICS magazines with a Pacific Tool and Gauge trigger guard, just $152.75 for the guard and another $40 for a Magpul AICS compatible magazine.

OR for even more you can make a similar conversion using CDI Precision Gunworks (just down the road in Sarasota, FL!)  $209 plus installation (free if you ship them your rifle).  Hmmmm, I wonder if they'd let a blogger bring down a rifle for conversion and let him take pictures and ask questions as if he were the media or something...

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  1. I have the 111 Trophy Hunter XP (left handed) and I have a favorable opinion of it thus far. I think that I paid, after rebate and including sales tax, right around $500 for it last fall. Bought it to hunt elk with, have not got one yet, but that is why it is called hunting and not killing.


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