10 August 2016


It has me a little gobstopped that .44 Magnum from a Ruger carbine is nearly the same in ballistics as a much longer Trapdoor rifle firing .45-70-300.


  1. The 45-70 are rounds that got started in the era of black powder. We have better propellants now that will give us the same performance without that much capacity needed.

    1. I'll take a picture of the rifles and rounds next time Willard digs out the trapdoor. Should be an interesting study.

  2. Of course, early .45-70 loads were hampered not only by the black powder, but also the Trapdoor Springfield action and the soft "balloon head" copper cartridge cases with their Benét internal primers. The early cases were formed much like an oversized .22 LR; however, the firing pin struck the center of case head to ignite the internal primer. Frankford Arsenal would not begin mass producing .45-70 cartridges with Berdan external primers until 1882, and copper cased cartridges were still produced as late as 1888.


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