13 August 2016

Keyless Entry Anti-Theft Device

I was reading this article.

I don't know if my Corvette's keyless entry system is vulnerable to this attack or not.

Luckily, my car came with an anti-theft device from the factory:

I am just old enough to remember when this kind of transmission was called "standard" and when it changed to being "a stick" to the present "manual".

I learned to drive on a '76 Vega wagon with the iron lung inline four and a five speed manual.

I was one of only three people I knew who could drive a friend's '64 Valiant with three-on-the-tree.

Now I am one of those car-guy snobs who bought the stick because it's a better experience...  Being in control of the gear changes is more fun!  It's also a real pain in the knee in stop and go traffic.

Happily, with almost all the torque in the world available from idle, I don't often find myself praying for gears between gears, like I did with my old 4-speed '86 Civic.  The Civic needed a first-and-a-half and second-and-a-half gears quite often in traffic.

Feet to the fire though, if I were buying a brand new Vette today, I think I'd opt for the auto.  The paddles offer the control of a manual and the gear changes are blindingly quick.


  1. I traded my last stick in back in '12. I'd driven it daily since '07, but hadn't had a car with a stick in some time. Never driven anything with paddle shifters, but I know the race world abandoned manual shifting long ago. Modern automatics shift in milliseconds.

    I learned on a "four on the floor" Ford Pinto back in the last ice age. It was actually a decent little car, because it was as simple as can be - no power accessories at all. No A/C, no power windows, nothing.

  2. My daily driver is a 6-spd BMW 325i, but when the wifey and I head up to LA, we take her Jeep which has an automatic. More than one time, I've come back with stiff/sore left leg after an LA run when taking the BMW. I totally get abandoning a manual, but I love driving mine.


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