07 August 2016

Gun Day

Took faithful reader CorvetteCadillacMinivanJohn to his first gun show!

He looked like he had fun.

Marv got the stuff to reload 5.56.  One of the vendors kept trying to press him into buying a powder that burns WAY too fast for an AR.  Marv walked away from that.

The show was a lot more crowded than the previous show, which we're attributing to the spectre of the election looming.  No shortages of things like in '08, but there also seems to be a lot more arts & crafts and jerky than before Shoot Straight bought this circuit.

Back at Marv's we attacked his 16ga Winchester Model 12.  It's been unreliable feeding for a while and my time with the 12ga version has me grokking how it works.

First off.  His bolt latch lever is worn down.  What this does, primarily, is hold the bolt in the closed and locked position when you take the barrel off and the action bar no longer holds it.  The action bar doesn't rock the lever far enough when it comes out to securely lock the bolt.  If the bolt doesn't lock, then getting it back together is problematic.

Secondly.  The magazine was rotated 180˚ from where it was supposed to be.  What is it with Model 12 owners and doing this?

Third.  The shell stop was letting the rounds in the magazine go before the shell elevator could lift the ready round.  This creates a jam.  Marv bent the hook just a little bit on the end of the thing and now it blocks the magazine from dumping when it's supposed to.

I confirmed that 11 1-3/4" 12ga shells can be loaded into a Model 12 as well.

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