28 August 2016

Low Price Leader

Found it!

I think...

The Savage 93F in .22WMR from Wal Mart is model 91803.

The Savage 93F in .22 WMR listed virtually every where else is model 91800.

The MSRP of the 91800 is $265.  Vendors on gunbroker have them as low as $250.

The actual price of the 91803 is $165.

The other difference?  The 91800 has the Accutrigger, the 91803 doesn't.

I guess your personal evaluation of the Accutrigger will decide if the price difference is worth it.

I am presently on the fence.

1 comment:

  1. Neither of my Savage rifles have the Accutrigger, both were purchased from Wal-Mart. The Mark I (.22LR) was out of the case and the 111FCXP3 (.30-06 Spr). Both are great shooting rifles with triggers that are decently smooth, light and crisp for an off the rack rifle. The biggest difference between the Accutriggers I've shot and/or finger f-ed that I can see mostly is the Accutrigger is much easier to adjust down to super light safely. Is the Accutrigger worth nearly $100? To me, no. YMMV.


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