30 August 2016

Proof Of Purchase

Here she is!

My second ever new FUDD rifle purchase, and the first I've actually taken home!  5.2 lb. of iron sighted, five-plus-one-shot glory.  Cocks on open.  Two position safety that does not lock the bolt.  Hecho en Canada.

This is also my second rimfire rifle.

.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire is a wee bit longer than .22 Long Rifle though.

Locking lugs?  We don't need no stinking locking lugs!  Actually, there's the bolt handle... and that's it.  The silver part of the bolt is non-rotating, the blue rotates.  The firing pin stays at the 12:00 position.

There are two extractors, one each at 3:00 and 9:00.

And a single fixed ejector blade.

The magazine slides up a sheet-metal blade and is held with two ears on its rear.

The latch hooks under the ears when the magazine is inserted.

And that's all there is.  It's a super simple rifle built to a super low price point.  It can be upgraded with a wood stock and the accutrigger can even be added, two features Wal Mart ordered special from Savage to undercut the normal 93F (98100) by $60 on most shelves.

One local store is asking $309 for a synthetic stocked, heavy-barreled, accutrigger version of this same gun I got for $99.  For a $210 savings, I can cope with the loss!

Oh, the conventional trigger isn't that bad!  I need to get some snap caps to protect the firing pin and chamber so I can do some dry firing, but the few test pulls so far have gotten better each time as the parts are wearing into each other.  Still some initial grit when it first moves, but past that it's clean.  And it's consistent about where the grit starts and ends, so it should be something you could get used to.  Or have drive you insane and have to fix!

I just noticed that I paid more for my Gamo Big Cat 1200, a .177 pellet rifle, than I did for a real firearm.  Just wow.

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