27 August 2016

Entered Into The Fray

Now that I am a disciple of Jack O'Connor I am reading and watching everything I can find about .270 Winchester Centerfire.

I'm reminded of why I didn't get interested in hunting rifles in the first place.

People start with their preconceived conclusion and work backwards from there to "prove" it.

It's 6.5 v 6.8 all over again.  Except it's not.  6.5 v 6.8 is THIS all over again.

A good example is a hunter who says that .270 sucks and .308 rocks because he's gotten consistent one-shot kills with .308 in otherwise identical rifles.  If you watch the entire 25 minute video you'll find out that his choice of bullets is constrained by no-lead laws where he's located and the rounds he's chosen work better with a larger diameter.  He's married to a brand of bullet and he sticks to whatever they offer religiously.  He's also making his own ammo, so of course it's nothing HE did wrong in making the lower performance round...

You've probably seen this before as well.

I strive to be objective.  I fail a lot, but I strive.

Near as I can tell in the debate between .30-06 and .270 Win; the only practical difference is .270 shoots flatter and the 130gr bullets make up for mass with velocity.  The rest becomes theoretical to 95% of the shooting public because we simply don't have the skill to make the differences apparent.

As Willard sagely notes, "The deer can't tell the difference."

But we just cannot stand that someone is happy with something different than what we like.

Now I am really tempted to get a .30-06 rifle to have both sides of the debate; like I have a .45 1911 and a Glock 17.

Need to save a couple of months of my VA stipend before I do that.


  1. LOL, there is that... I do have both a 1911 and Glock 17, and shoot both of them... No big deal! :-)

  2. I have had a 30-06 bolt gun as my preferred deer gun the past 40 years. In the past 10 years I have inherited a 7400 auto and 7600 pump .270 both with the same Nikon scope. I am impressed with how flat both 270's shoot. I also have a 6.8SPC and it has some unique characteristics as well.

  3. I see "My (insert calibre here) shoots flatter." a LOT, splattered all over the internet.

    Since, to my knowledge, no bullets generate lift to counter gravity, isn't this just the same as saying "Bullets from my gun travel faster."?

    Yes, I understand that a bullet with different ballistic co-efficient will have different deceleration, but does that really matter if Bullet A is always travelling faster than Bullet B in the time between firing and hitting the target?

    Whip up any round to similar muzzle-velocity levels, and with any reasonably similar BC, the things should all shoot as "flat" as each other. No?

    1. The bullet does generate some lift due to the spin. It also pushes the round to one side. Physics!

      Yes, flatter shooting is another way to say higher velocity; but in a visceral way you can see at the range. For a given distance, a faster round will drop less than a slower one. Typically a 130gr .270 is loaded faster than 3,000 fps where .30-06 and a 150gr bullet is running around 2,900. In the real world the .270 has the better BC and starts faster so, less drop. Elementary!

      "Flatter shooting" also translates to "stays closer to the line of sight and thus point of aim" which makes it easier for most people to shoot better.


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