23 August 2016

Used Market

In another chapter of McThag's Bolt Gun Agony we find a Savage 111FCNS in .270 Winchester for $325 at a local pawn shop.

I can probably talk them down some.

The only wrinkle is there's no scope at all, so I'd need that and rings.

On the positive side of the ledger is it's already set up for the better magazine.  On the negative, I kinda wanted a wood stock.

Willard says that while a white tail deer can tell the difference, an elk cannot.

A different shop has a Remington 700 in the favored .270 with a Bushnell Banner on it and iron sights.  Walnut and blue with a telepathic trigger.  Just $700, and this shop has shown no give on gun prices before, so that's probably firm (and out of budget).

1 comment:

  1. You'll like the Savage and that's a decent price that leaves room to get some decent glass and rings. If it comes with scope bases you are ahead, if not they aren't hard to find.


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