11 August 2016

Incidental Items

"CBS All Access' 'Star Trek: Discovery' to Be Captained By a Woman, Feature Gay Character"

That headline tells me everything I need to know about this series.

If the new show isn't ABOUT the captain being a woman and her crewmanperson being gay then it's irrelevant information.

But it's presented as important information, so it must be about the captain being a woman and her crewmanperson being gay, huh?

That doesn't interest me.

Good science fiction where characters, even high ranking ones, happen to be female or gay?  I'm interested and I'll watch.

Social justice warfare cloaked in Star Trek (which by the fucking way was never actually science fiction); nope.

For fuck's sake Hollywierd, stop selling and start closing.  Gender and sexual orientation are already neutral to me and a lot of sci-fi nerds, we don't need to be hit over the head about it again.

Didn't you notice how we reacted to the gorram'd Hugo?  We want science fiction back without the indoctrinational lectures.

For fuck's sake, if we can accept Nessus and Chmeee as PEOPLE then it's no stretch to accept some dude who likes sex with other dudes as a person too.

It really is starting to feel like sci-fi-ish shows are the justicesplaining soapboxes they like best because they get to show their utopia fully realized.


  1. Hasn't Star Trek been there and done that already anyway??? Where is the "again" in the headline?

  2. I had a discussion about this with some friends. If the future is so progressive and equal, it's literally not worth mentioning. And that's a good way to actually present it in the show, have it literally so trivial a thing that nobody felt the need to mention it or draw attention to. It's just an accepted thing nobody even notices.

    But that doesn't let them take the Equal Opportunity and rub it all over the viewer's faces.


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