09 August 2016

War On Poodles

I think some folks need to accept that 5.56x45mm isn't going anywhere.

It's been around for more than 50 years and it's been thoroughly vetted by real fighting.

The flaws and virtues have been extensively explored and it's sufficient.  It's killed effectively from war to mass shootings to self defense to hunting.

So adequate, that even with the known flaws, that nations are replacing rifle designs but keeping the cartridge.  If it were a completely useless clusterfuck we'd see these new rifles in a new round and NATO standardization of that new round.

This sufficiency is predicated on the weapon fitting into its proper place in a combined arms military.  Your survivalist/prepper needs may vary due to the lack of artillery and air support.

Although, it may be just fine for social purposes because of the legalities of shooting a looter WAY down the street should society return to normal rather than going Wetdream Omega Man®.

I say all this as an owner of ARs in 6.8x43mm and an FAL in 7.62x51mm.

The replacement of the rifle rather than the cartridge might bring to light the real reason ol' two-twenty-three is so hated.  There's some who just cannot stand the rifle that introduced them to the round.  Those scars run deep.

There's also an undercurrent of what constitutes the best rifle.  The best rifle ever designed is virtually always the first rifle that worked when you absolutely needed it to and never didn't.  The worst rifle ever designed is virtually always the first rifle that failed when you absolutely needed it, if even only once.

There's certainly a body of people who went to war for the first time with an M14 or an FAL, cementing those as the BEST rifle for all time.  Likewise, someone stuck with an M16 when it was in its birthing problems stage or an L85A1 is, forever, going to hate those rifles.

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