24 August 2016

Measure Twice Cut Once

Took a second look at the Savage 111FCNS the pawn shop has marked at $325.

Weaver bases installed, nice shiny bore, no magazine.

Considering the price of the rifle and adding a scope and rings came in just under the price of a brand new 110XP, it was tempting.

No magazine is a substantial hurdle.  Savage has too many different magazines to select from and you really can't tell which one you're supposed to have on a top-bolt-release gun until you run the serial number...  Something that you really can't do until you've already bought the gun.

Willard keeps telling me that I should get my FUDD rifle in an AMERICAN caliber, like .30-06, and be a man about it.  He's even bribing me.

My objection that .270 is an American caliber doesn't make an impact.  To be honest, the two main reasons I've fixated on .270 are kinda silly.  It never stopped being available during the ammo panic is the first, and my picking the mutually wrong caliber in the .30-06 vs .280 war my uncles have going on.  The silliest reason is that it's the same .277 bore as my beloved 6.8 SPC.

With his bribe, I am easily able to get the 110XP and change out the magazine.  Or get the pawn-shop 111FCNS and get a magazine and optics mounted.

With difficulty, I could stretch into that Remington 700.

If I abandoned .270 I could easily get that Winchester 670 in 30-06 we saw while Willard was topping JayG's "Snubby from Hell" purchase.

Also in .30-06 is a Winchester Model 54 up at another pawn shop, though I hesitate to jump through all the stupid hoops that place has up for buying a gun when the 54 is a C&R and I'm a Cruffler.  I could get a similar gun for about the same price delivered to the door.

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  1. If you get a .270, from above Jack O'Connor will smile on you.
    Long range, accurate and fairly low recoil. (with the right loads)


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