08 August 2016

(Nothing But) Flowers

There was a rack of Mosins
Now there are AR's and Savages.
You got it, you got it.

There's not a single Mosin-Nagant of any stripe on a rack in a gun or pawn shop for a 15 mile radius of McThag Haus.

They're all gone.

AIM still lists them for near $300, and it will top that after shipping and FFL fees.

It is official, it is now foolish to put any money into upgrading one.

There's all manner of used bolt guns for less than $400 that come already scoped and in monte-carlo stock.  Yes, some are converted milsurps themselves, but their value is only as shooting guns now and not increasing.

Never mind that Savage will sell you a NEW rifle package for about what a Mosin and Archangel stock cost when you add in the scope too.

Hmmmm, $620 to Bass Pro for a brand new rifle doesn't sound too bad at all...


  1. The thing too, is that the Savage package rifle will also get you a better (adjustable) trigger than a Mosin, as well as in general being a lot more smooth and civilized. Now don't get me wrong... I own a bunch of Mosins and I love 'em for what they are... But if I want a hunting rifle... Well, I've got my Savage 111 FXCP3 in .30-06 Spr... The newer ones come with a slightly nicer looking stock, a much better quality scope (first thing I did was replace the scope on the one I got -- the Simmons they used to package was the one wart on an otherwise Prince of a rifle) and the Accutrigger. The trigger on the one I have is great, but not as easy to adjust as the Accutrigger. The Nikon scope they include on current rifles is a very good piece of glass. Of course if I need something that is Ivan proof or I need to plow a field, I'll grab a Mosin.

    1. The Timney trigger you can get for a Mosin is, I hear, very nice.

      The issue trigger on my Finnish Kiv/28/30 is also very nice (but non-adjustable).

      You can get a good trigger in a Mosin, but it takes effort and what do you value your time at?

  2. Picked up a new Remington 783 with a scope on last years Black Friday for a total of just under $280. You can still find them at the $300 price point with a minimal amount of searching.

    1. There's something about the cheap-end Remingtons that makes my hands itch when I touch them.

      In addition to the entry-level guns from Rem, Ruger and Savage; there's also the used market (and nobody who's thinking about FUDDing a Mosin should be allowed to turn their nose up at the used market) where older entry-level guns like the Win 670 are available. Being willing to accept an odd, but still made, chambering also drops the prices.


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