29 August 2016

What if...

Got some CCI "TNT® Green™" .22 WMR for the new hotness.

It's a .30gr "lead-free hollow point" chucking along at 2,050 fps.

That comes to 2d+2 pi in GURPS.  But is it really pi or pi-?

I don't have good guidance from the rules as written.

.22 LR is pi-.  As is .25 ACP and .32 ACP.  Those are the examples from the 3e rules.

The thing is I am reading about .22 Mag being used on Coyotes.

A 'yote has a ST of 7, so 7 HP.

2d+2 does 4-14 raw damage with an average of 9.

pi- would clock in at 2-7 with an average of 4.  That seems iffy on something with 7 HP.

Using a hollow point ups pi- to pi.  9 would get consciousness rolls for a body hit and 14 would get a death roll.  Vitals doesn't care about the pi or pi- and is x3 raw damage.  So 12-42 average of 27.  That's multiple death rolls for most hits and almost a death roll for minimum damage.

So I think I will call it 2d+2 pi- with the standard ball ammo since I am seeing some ballistics gel results with hollow-points that look a lot like 9mm ball (which is 2d+2 pi).

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