05 August 2016


Reading this from Cold Fury.

I am once again struck with a thought.

"Why the fuck isn't Mr Triggered WORKING?"

Why do I ask that?  Because he spends a lot of time down in HR being offended by ever smaller slights rather than doing his job.

I remember predicting these outcomes about political correctness in the way back days of 1990.

Only members of the protected species are allowed to be offended and only their offense is actionable.

Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls: that is institutionalized bigotry.

Real bigotry.

Real prejudice.

Remember how I keep saying that symbols are mutable?  Any symbol can be twisted to mean anything if someone works hard enough at it, and that means that every symbol can mean something different to someone else.  What we're not bothering to do is check and see how the offending person is using the symbol and, yes, it matters.

I am reminded of the debate at Iowa State University over changing the name of Carrie Chapman Catt Hall.  Whenever she gave a speech or presentation to advance women's suffrage, she'd tailor her speech to the audience.  In a nutshell, "If women get the vote, you get more of what you're interested in."

So while talking to some white supremacists, she said that giving women the vote would make it easier for white people to stay on top.  She may even have said, "nigger," or, "niggers," while doing so!

Under the ever more offended rules we're presently promulgating, what this means is since Ms Catt used racist language to advance women's rights; we must no longer have women's suffrage because it's racist.

Sorry girls, but you shouldn't have been racist bigots... once... a hundred years ago...  Wait.

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