29 December 2013

TL 6

TL 6 is a retread of an earlier idea, but scrubbed to be historical instead of being world specific.

George Hurst was born on February 28, 1891 in Los Angeles.  His mother was a the daughter of a miner from the 1849 gold rush so she named her only son George so that he'd be named after a successful miner (George Hearst), unlike his grandfather.

George took to the idea of mining, but did so in a scientific manner, going to college back east to learn geology in college and graduating cum laude from Johns Hopkins University.

His latin studies morphed into learning Portuguese and Spanish and geology took him to South America in search of the ever elusive blue jade.

He is equally at home in the US and Brazil, but prefers São Paulo to "home".

He is now 30 and in search of the fortune he knows is buried in the mountains and jungles of the Amazon basin.

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