22 December 2013

TL 5

Kasper Meylin is originally from Hesse-Kassel and was abducted when he was 14 and shipped off to Virginia for seven back breaking years as an indentured farm-hand.

He spent the next two years trapping to earn enough money to stake a homestead in western Virginia for himself and his wife, Gretchen.

His time as a trapper has made him known and welcome among the nearby Tutelo tribes.

His prized possessions are a trade tomahawk and a Pennsylvania rifle.

His hopes and dreams are very high in 1753 America.


$450 and 8.3 lb. for buckskins.  Yikes!  He's not carrying much more than the weapons thanks to the cost of that.  $4,000 of his starting wealth is tied up in his household, including the land, house and livestock.  There are things that he reasonable could take with him from home that exceed the $1,000 normally allowed; an understanding GM will allow it.

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