24 December 2013

More On (Moron?) The Furry-ous Caliber Debate

Someone trolled Arfcom with some "myths of the 6.5" and attempted to get a rise out of the 6.8 community.

Hey, he's a troll and it's Arfcom, shocker of the year that it worked!

Several times he asserted that he'd heard people on the 6.8 Forums putting forth the "myths" he was refuting.

I looked very hard and couldn't find anyone saying any such thing any time recently.

The thing is, all of his myths were once true.  Because there's a dedicated body of people who really like the 6.5 Grendel/.264 LBC the perceived faults had been addressed.  It is no longer 2007.

The second huge claim is the 6.8 community trolls the 6.5 forums stirring up trouble.

Because that has certainly been true of the 6.5 fans at the 6.8 forums from time to time; I went looking for instances of the reverse.

Guess what I did not find?

What I did find in recent debates were several heartfelt posts about how they'd bungled their presentation of the round to the public at large and how well the 6.8 crowd had done at the same job.  Self criticism not attacks by trolls!

All in all I found the 6.5 forums no different than the 6.8 forums in nearly all respects.  The same "where do I find...?" type posts.  The same bazaars swapping parts.  Same sense of community.

Almost as if the trolls are merely trolls and not representative of the larger body of the community.

Who'd of thunk it?


  1. Bah! 6.8 is Yesterday! .300 BLK is today! /troll

    What do I rock in my rifle? .308! Why do you ask? :)

  2. Both 6.5 and 6.8 have ".300BLK is the enemy" threads too!

    FAL forever!

  3. Dammit, I didn't get to be the first 300 BLK turd in the punchbowl.

    I really need to put that #12 shellplate to good use and crank out a bunch of 6.8 this week.


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