13 December 2013

Vest Pocket Disassembly

When you field strip your FN 1905 or Colt 1908 .25 you should pull the trigger so the striker spring is unloaded.

If you forget, don't freak!

The sear will pull out the striker, spring and spring rod out of the slide as you slide the slide forward.

Pay attention and as the striker comes clear of the slide, trap it with a finger your thumb.

Set the slide down and you can now pull the striker slightly to the rear and ease it out of the cocked position.

Update to add pics; which I should have had from the get-go but I didn't know there'd be a Tamalanche coming!


  1. You know, in order to have a clear picture of what you are suggesting, now I have to buy one for myself.

  2. Nice case-coloring left on the safeties of yours!


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