07 December 2013

There's No Spell For That

GURPS: Magic doesn't have a spell to recharge a battery.

Repair or Rebuild might work, but the descriptions are such that there can be debate about if a discharged battery is actually broken.

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  1. Lend Power almost works, except for the part where it specifically says you can't use it to directly charge a battery for reasons unspecified. It specifies that you can run equipment designed to charge the battery, though. One of those emergency radios with a cell phone charger built in should definitely work, or a car's cigarette lighter 120V power inverter with a charger plugged in, maybe even just charge the power cord itself if it has the big inverter built into it if you want to classify that as a machine.
    Repair would work on non-rechargeable chemical batteries I'd think that break down in order to produce the power, but probably not on ultratech infinitely reusable ones.

    Really, being able to charge a battery seems like a really high utility thing that would be perfect for magery to do, at high tech levels.

    Of course, if using magic that isn't based on specific spells, you can always just make one for that if the GM ok's it.


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