13 December 2013


The Federal Government has a program that "loans" surplus military gear to police departments for the war on (some) drugs and such.

One of the items are M16A1's.

I've seen a couple of these guns out there now, the gray receiver is a dead giveaway.  Several cops have posted pics of their duty guns from this program.

That gray receiver is all that's in evidence.

A spanking new Colt LE6920 is a whopping $1,100 retail at Wal Mart.  I wonder what LEO pricing is.

The Aimpoint is $400.

$100 for a back-up iron sight.

So, $1,600 for a patrol rifle, albeit a semi-auto one.

Bravo company USA gets mentioned a lot for a replacement upper.  $460 for a 16" M4 plus $19 for handguards.  Another $80 gets the stock set.  So $559 for the gun!

The stupid thing here that's saving $541 is that the department could save even more.  The parts they remove from the M16A1 are in demand with retro-heads and those kits run $300-$500 depending on condition.  But they aren't allowed to sell those parts since they are required to give the gun back exactly how they got it should the feds ever ask for it back; which they've never done in the 25+ years of this program.

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